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  • 男性ファッション雑誌「Safari」4月号に広告掲載
  • 12/08
  • 乳酸‧乳酸菌セミナーを12/15(火)に弊社にて開催。
  • 12/07
  • TVホスピタル12月号におりご乳酸について掲載。
  • 12/01
  • MITSUKIインスタグラム開始。


Who We Are

  • Protecting a Healthy Life with Loved Ones

With the super-aging society with a declining birthrate, where the population aged 65 and over accounts for nearly 20%, medical and long-term care costs are increasing. The financial burden on the younger generation is increasing. Eventually, in Japan, there will come a time when universal healthcare will not be sustainable. Therefore, along with measures against the declining birthrate, it has become necessary to take “illness prevention” measures. Delaying nursing home placement, independent living past age 85, and measures against lifestyle- related diseases early-on are the important keywords for the next 10 years. It is crucial to improve our lifestyle with the attitude that “I am my own physician.”

The importance of prevention was already recognized, as it was written in the Chinese book
Plain Questions to The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine over 2,000 years ago

that “sages cure pre-illness.” Pre-illness is a state where one shows very mild symptoms that do not yet lead to severe illness. The basic idea in Chinese medicine is that the internal organs affect each other and that illnesses can be prevented while the symptoms are mild.

In recent years, with the improvement of various tests at outpatient clinics and routine checkups, abnormal results are pointed out more frequently, even without obvious symptoms. When the quality of life (QOL) is not affected but the test value is abnormal, the idea of “treating pre-illness,” which is to treat the patient before serious illnesses will develop, becomes more important. Hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, etc. can also be considered as “pre-illnesses”.

What We Do

  • Sales of Health Food

    We deliver health foods we exclusively developed by combining “lactic acid” with various functional ingredients to people in need.

  • Research and Development

    We select natural ingredients as much as possible to develop health foods that are kind to the human body as well as to the global environment.

  • Social Contributions

    We actively engage in activities that combat various social issues and welfare problems such as environmental destruction, natural disasters, and poverty.

Our Products

  • Mitsuki Miracle Source

    Mitsuki Miracle Source contains lactic acid bacteria products as the main raw material, which is widely used as a raw material for health foods due to its unique culture technology based on 35 strains of 16 lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. Also known as lactic acid bacteria metabolites, this material helps maintain human health. It also contains biotin, a type of vitamin that enriches the skin and mucous membranes.

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  • Mitsuki MAX

    “Mitsuki Max” is a lactic acid-based health food with dramatically increased activity by concentrating and powdering lactic acid that improves health. The main ingredient, oligo lactic acid, or LAC, is made by concentrating and powdering L-type fermented lactic acid (liquid) extracted by fermenting natural sugars with lactic acid bacteria using our unique technology. It is a health food material that maximizes the excellent health effects of oligo lactic acid.

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    どれだけ便利な社会になっても、⾃分で乗り越える意思を持たなければ、本当の健康を⼿に⼊れることはできません。「VRAKE T」は、⾷後の健康数値を穏やかにして安⼼していただくために、オリゴ乳酸をはじめとする、植物由来で安全かつ効果的な⾷材をバランスよく配合しました。⾃分の⽢さを乗り越えたいと思
    っている⽅を「VRAKE T」はサポートします。

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  • NMN9000 Premium

    NMNは、ビタミンB3群に含まれるβニコチンアミドモノヌクレオチドという物質で、あらゆる⽣物の細胞に存在しています。従来は体内で⾃然に⽣産されますが、⼈を含む哺乳類は時間と共にNMNの⽣産機能が衰退していきます。時間と共に損なわれていくNMNをサポートできるのが「MITSUKI NMN9000 Premium」です。

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  • Mitsuki Lactic Acid


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Message from the President

If you look around the world with “pre-illness” in mind, even though there is an abundance of delicious food, high-quality goods, and attentive services, people feel deprived of real health that is mindful of the human body and the global environment. We need to create a healthy society and environment that can be passed on to the next generation with great pride, and for that purpose, health should begin with ourselves. We hope to deliver health-food material that is natural, additive-free, and safe. MITSUKI was launched with these hopes, to enrich people and nature.

Today, various negative elements such as stress, chemical synthesis, environmental destruction, viruses, and allergies are putting society at risk. SDGs and sustainability are being called for, and global contributions that will lead to the next generation beyond social contributions (contributions to humankind) are being sought.

MITSUKI started its business with the newly encountered health food “lactic acid”, and centered on the personal connections and import/export know-how cultivated in its predecessor business. With the world-recognized craftsmanship of Japan and the spirit of hospitality, we aim to develop a true health and sustainability business that can benefit people and the earth. We focus on research and development and have begun to develop products that are highly original, 100% natural materials, and highly effective.

We strive to develop products that are not the mediocre ones that others would sell to anyone, but the superb ones that would deliver the maximum benefits to whomever truly need them. It is MITSUKI’s desire to continue to be a partner for those customers who seek a prolonged healthy life.

About Us

  • Company Name
  • Mitsuki, Inc.
  • Representative Director
  • Mitsuki Ikeda
  • Established
  • July 2020
  • Address
  • 3-14-17, Kobikiss Ginza 1002, Central District, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
  • Phone Number
  • 03-6278-8839
  • Business Content
  • Research & development, manufacturing and sales of health foods


Contact us

If you have any questions regarding MITSUKI’s product sales or development, please feel free to contact us.